Eight Xbox One controllers can be synced at once

Microsoft reveals next-gen console will support double the number of connected controllers as Xbox 360; will have 30-foot wireless range.


According to an updated Xbox.com product page (via Videogamer), up to eight Xbox One controllers can be connected to the system at any point in time. This is up from four on the Xbox 360.

It was also revealed that Xbox One controllers will have a 30-foot wireless range.

Sony has not yet said how many DualShock 4 controllers can be connected to the PlayStation 4 at once. The PlayStation 3 supports seven controllers simultaneously.

Microsoft previously announced that infrared LEDs in the Xbox One controllers will allow the console to detect, via Kinect, which user is holding the input and then match profile information. One Xbox One controller is included with every system, while additional pads can be purchased for $60.

The Xbox One launches in November. Microsoft said this week at PAX that it believes the console is worth $100 more than the PlayStation 4.

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