Exclusive ‘Savages’ Trailer: Blake Lively Tells One Sexy Story

See the first trailer for the new Oliver Stone flick, starring Blake Lively and Taylor Kitsch, right here.
By Kevin P. Sullivan

Blake Lively and Taylor Kitsch in "Savages"
Photo: Universal Pictures

On Wednesday, we revealed the first scintillating bits of footage from Oliver Stone's next movie, "Savages," and if you're looking for more, you are in luck. We have your exclusive first look at the full trailer for "Savages."

"Savages" is a story about the 99 percent and the one percent. As Blake Lively's O explains, her two boyfriends, Ben and Chon, played by Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch, respectively, represent two halves of a successful drug business. "Ben went to Berkeley and double-majored in business and botany. He takes 99 percent of the violence out of the business. Other one percent? Well, that's where Chon comes in."

Things are all sunshine and ménages à trios for O, Ben and Chon until a Mexican drug cartel decides that it wants to expand northward. A federal agent, played by John Travolta, gives the pot growers the heads-up, but the cartel figures out their shared weakness: O.

The rest of the trailer plays out like the fever dream you'd expect from the notorious Stone. There are certainly elements of a bromantic "Natural Born Killers" and the border setting of "U Turn." The business partners don't take O's kidnapping lightly, and Chon goes as far as stabbing the federal agent.

It all amounts to one sexy trailer with a cast that rivals any major release this year. Salma Hayek breaks bad and plays the head of the Mexican cartel, while Benicio Del Toro and recent Academy Award nominee Demián Bichir play her underlings. Uma Thurman and Emile Hirsch also have supporting roles.

"Savages" also stands out for being Kitsch's third big release of the year. He headlined the now infamous "John Carter," and he also co-stars in "Battleship," due out on May 18.

Check out the exclusive first full trailer for "Savages" above.

"Savages" is scheduled to open in theaters on July 6.

Check out everything we've got on "Savages."

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