Father’s Day: A Pop-Culture Gift Guide

To help you show your appreciation for dad, MTV News compiles a list of must-have items.
By James Montgomery

"Game of Thrones" season one on Blu-ray

Provided your dad didn't go out for cigarettes and never came back, you'll be celebrating him and all his paternal excellence on Sunday, which — in case you forgot — just so happens to be the 102nd (or so) Father's Day.

And while we here at MTV News would like to point out that you should probably honor your father every day (after all, who else can teach you about the infield fly rule, the double Windsor knot and the rhythm method?), we realize that, more often than not, dad is just the guy you roll your eyes at from the backseat of the car. So perhaps this is the year you finally do him right, with a totally sweet Father's Day gift.

Which is where we come in: Using the full force of the MTV News brain trust, we've compiled a list of gifts sure to make his Father's Day special. From movies and video games to ultra-cool accessories and totally killer rock records, these are the must-haves for any dad.

Because he's worth it. And also because he probably doesn't want another tie.

For the dad still stuck in the 1980s: How about a pair of tickets to "Rock of Ages," the film that captures the rock and roll excesses of the Reagan era in all their full-throttled, feathered-hair glory? Sure, it might be super-embarrassing to sit next to him as he plays air guitar to Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me," but imagine how he feels when you make him drop you off a block and a half away from the mall. You're even.

For the dad who's a super-nerd ... and really into beheadings: Get him a Blu-ray copy of the first season of "Game of Thrones," the bloody-great HBO show that redefines sheer nerdery as we know it. "Thrones" has truly got something for every dad. Machiavellian political dealings, gripping drama and dripping combat scenes — it's all there for the viewing. And shoot, even if he's not into swords and sorcery, there's plenty of nudity. This is what we in the business refer to as a "win/win."

For the dad who fancies himself an anti-hero: Pick up "Max Payne 3," the latest installment of Rockstar Games' truly excellent shooter series. Set eight years after the last game, it finds Max overweight and overwrought, popping pills and dealing with a serious late-life crisis. (Just like your dad!) Of course, it's not all drama; in fact, the third "Payne" game brings back the much-saluted "bullet-time" technology, which slows down the shootouts and maximizes the cinematic gore. As an added bonus, the folks at Rockstar also tout the fact that the killing is more realistic than ever this time out. Plenty of bad guys to smoke, plenty of brooding to be done: It's the kind of feel-good game you and your dad can play together. Ah, memories.

For the dad who wants the latest in shut-in couture: Get him one of the limited-edition Supreme T-shirts designed by noted oddball auteur (and illustrator) Daniel Johnston. Filled with illustrations of cross-bearing Captain Americas, boxing aliens and, uh, more Captain Americas, they're guaranteed to make dad the hit of his next office mixer — and to totally freak out all of his co-workers, too.

For the dad who's totally awesome: Download him a copy of Japandroids' Celebration Rock, the year's most kick-ass rock record. Full of fist-pumping riffs and shout-worthy sing-alongs, it'll take him back to the good old days, when rock was played fast and loud and you could get away with giving songs titles like "Fire's Highway." He'll probably take off his shirt and crack open a cold one, but deal with it. Dad's gotta cut loose somehow.

For the skater dad: Head out to Macy's and pick him out something from Lil Wayne's new Trukfit line, a collection of colorful hats and tees with just enough swag for the skate park. And as if some Weezy association isn't enough to make your pops super cool, consider this: The clothing line's name is an acronym for "The Reason U Kill for It," which automatically makes him the hardest dad on the block.

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