FIFA 12 gets anti-scam patch

EA Sports updating Ultimate Team mode and Web app to include security questions when logging in from new devices.


Electronic Arts is rolling out an update to address security problems with the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA Soccer 12. As detailed by EA, the game's latest update goes live globally today, bringing with it a handful of changes to discourage scammers in the game.

The biggest change to the Ultimate Team mode is that EA Sports will now require players to answer a security question when they log in to the system from a new console. Additionally, trade offers will now be restricted to people on each other's friends list.

The FIFA Ultimate Team Web app is also being updated to support the new console security question feature. Security questions can be created only on the console version of the game and must be answered to use the Web app every 30 days, and every time a user logs on from a new computer or browser.

Not all of the changes in the update are related to player security. The patch also addresses a bug regarding end-of-game disconnects in Ultimate Team mode, makes tweaks to the EA Sports Football Club mode, and contains a number of usability and design changes.

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