Final Fantasy Versus XIII may be dead – Report

Souces tell Kotaku long-delayed action role-playing game from Square Enix has been quietly shuttered.


Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which has seen several delays since its initial development alongside 2010's Final Fantasy XIII, may finally be done for. Work on the action role-playing game may have been quietly shuttered, according to several anonymous sources who spoke to Kotaku.

The sources claimed the game was officially canceled several weeks ago, but Square Enix decided to refrain from a public announcement. The game did not appear among the publisher's several other titles at its Electronic Entertainment Expo press conference and floor show, nor was it present at the previous year's Tokyo Game Show. Even before then, the game's development status was the cause of some confusion.

Other Kotaku sources claimed the game's development and resources had been folded back into development of another numerical Final Fantasy. GameSpot has requested comment from Square Enix but did not receive a response as of publication.

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