Final Fantasy XVI State Of Play Showcases Real-Time Combat And World Exploration

PlayStation and Square Enix have shown off 20 minutes of gameplay from Final Fantasy XVI, highlighting combat and world exploration. The State of Play focused on the combat of Final Fantasy XVI, some of the story and side content, and the massive Eikon fights.

This new video showcased the real-time action combat, which is relatively new for the franchise. Snippets of Clive, the main character, fighting enemies on the ground were shown, as well as the battles where you control the Eikon, the massive summons in the game. The action is all in real time and Clive will learn a ton of different abilities and attacks from the different Eikons in the world, allowing players to adapt the combat to their own playstyle. These abilities can be found in a massive skill tree, which allows you to reset those abilities at any time and even let the game pick your abilities for you.

The massive Eikon versus Eikon fights can play out in a number of different ways, with one shown featuring a third-person shooting sequence and others feeling similar to an all-out wrestling match. Square Enix said that each Ekion battle would feel unique and be based around the specific Eikons fighting.

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