First Look: AvX: VS #1

First Look: AvX: VS #1

The battles AVENGERS VS. X-MEN couldn't contain spill out into AVS: VS, the action-packed series that's all brawls!

In AVX: VS #1, The Thing takes on Namor in a story by Kathryn & Stuart Immonen, while Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert present a heavy metal smackdown between the Armored Avenger, Iron Man, and the Master of Magnetism, Magneto! We've got exclusive inked Kubert pages below, so get a taste and then be sure to snag AVS: VS #1 this April!

Which team will reign supreme? Join the conversation on Twitter with #AvX!

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AVS: VS #1
Jason Aaron & Kathryn Immonen
Adam Kubert & Stuart Immonen
Adam Kubert
VARIANT COVER: Stuart Immonen
The premiere tie-in to Avengers Vs. X-Men! All-out action featuring cover to cover battles, each issue expanding on fights from AvX in ways you can’t imagine. This issue: Iron Man vs. Magneto and Thing vs. Namor!
32 Pgs./Rated T+ …$3.99
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