‘Five-Year Engagement’ More ‘Real’ Than Most Rom-Coms

'It's a very real exploration of how a couple, the power dynamic changes after five years,' Jason Segel tells MTV News.
By Matt Goodhue, with reporting by Kara Warner

Emily Blunt and Jason Segel in "The Five-Year Engagement"
Photo: Universal Pictures

Romantic comedies all seem to follow the same cinematic blueprint: Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. An obstacle tears them apart. The two overcome all and get together right before the end credits roll.

While movies of this genre are great for a first date, the story can usually be predicted before entering the theater (and perhaps sometimes by just reading the film's title). With Jason Segel and 's latest movie, The Five-Year Engagement, the two stress that the story avoids the traditional, sappy rom-com formula and presents a fresh look at the genre.

"This starts with the engagement," Segel told MTV News. "I think it's a very real exploration of how a couple, the power dynamic changes after five years."

Segel is certainly one for comedic performances. But with a recent role in "Jeff Who Lives at Home" under his belt, the multitalented actor proves he can deliver an honest, reflective performance as well. Blunt ("Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" and "The Adjustment Bureau") is no stranger to dramatic roles either. "It's got a little bit of everything, that's what I love about it," Segel said. "It's hilarious, and there are some broad [comedic] moments and there are very sad, solemn moments."

Relationships are far from perfect, which is certainly not the case in most Hollywood films. But "The Five-Year Engagement" promises an organic and truthful portrayal of a young couple.

"What's nice about this is it does feel like a very, very real relationship," Blunt said. "They're desperately struggling to be together and make it perfect. And they are incredibly loving of each other, but yet they're struggling. Life gets in the way and the dynamics change."

It will be refreshing to see Segel and Blunt portray such a natural and troubled relationship onscreen. While the film is certain to give the audience laughs, it also seems like the story will hit home for lots of couples sitting in the audience.

"It's one of the things I'm most proud of in my entire career," Segel said.

Check out everything we've got on "The Five-Year Engagement."

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