Frank Ocean Chills With His Younger Brother, We Nearly Die Of Cute (PHOTO)

Frank Ocean loves his lil' bro!

As if we needed any more reasons to have Frank Ocean-induced heart palpitations (remember when he bravely revealed personal details about his sexuality, was championed by Beyoncé, and released his channel ORANGE album, which may be one of the best albums of 2012), we just learned he's also a family man! Way to have us swooning for days, Frank.

See more Frank Ocean family photos after the jump!

Frank's mom, Katonya, who's publicly supported her son, recently tweeted a photo of Frank and his little brother backstage during Frank's show in Atlanta. Katonya also posted a pic of herself with Frank, and we totally see where he gets his good looks! Rock out, Ocean family. Props for being supportive and attractive.

Photo credit: @Katonya

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