Full Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Cinematic Trailer Revealed, Contains Major Story Implications

Final Fantasy XIV players are thriving right now with Fan Fest 2021 kicking off and plenty of new details of the upcoming Endwalker expansion, which is set to launch on November 23 (and November 19 for those who preorder). The full intro cinematic trailer for Endwalker started the show and it contains some wild implications for where FFXIV's story is going.

A shorter teaser version was first shown back in February this year, but this new version is the official six-minute Endwalker intro, and you can watch it below. Be warned, however--the trailer contains spoilers for those who are not caught up to at least the end of the 5.3 story content.

This full version starts similarly with the Warrior of Light walking on the moon, then showing Alisaie fighting beastly creatures on their home planet as the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud--who's sporting the new Sage healer job--come in to join her fight.

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