‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Teases ‘Amazing’ Season Finale

'You can make your own decision as to what happens to me,' Alfie Allen tells MTV News of Sunday's episode.
By Kara Warner

Alfie Allen
Photo: MTV News

After last week's unbelievably action-packed episode of "Game of Thrones," you're probably wondering what the show-runners have up their sleeves for the season finale this Sunday. Will there be shocking deaths, destruction, danger? In knowing how last season ended, we're betting on all of the above.

We do have a few specific hints about what kind of death, destruction and danger to expect, however, thanks to a recent chat with Alfie Allen, a.k.a. Theon Greyjoy.

"Theon is not going to get the backup he needs, and people he thought he could rely on are really waiting for him to mess up and take advantage of that situation and sell him off to certain people," Allen explained. "But he doesn't know this."

As for the rest of the problem-plagued characters in Westeros, Allen teased that the Queen of Dragons might be dealing with a lot of drama, as well as a possible blast from her past.

"I know with Daenerys, she goes to the House of the Undying and maybe you'll see a character pop up who was in series one and [was not] in series two — we'll just see. I know [show-runners] David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] have been secretive about showing episode 10. David emailed me the other night and said, 'Alfie, you're going to be really, really happy with it.' I've seen [some of the episode during post-production], and I'm very self-critical, so for me to say I'm happy about it, that' s something big."

Allen said fans should expect the best from everyone on the show — just not as many actual battles.

"It's not as action-packed or bloodshed-y but has a lot of content," Allen said. "It's not going to be anticlimactic, that's for sure, because a lot of the stuff with Dany is amazing and my stuff is all right," he said with a smile, before teasing that things will likely end in a cliffhanger.

"You can make your own decision as to what happens to me," Allen teased. "We'll see what happens, because I don't even really know what's happened to me, so we'll just see."

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