Game tax proposed by CT lawmaker

Republican representative whose district includes Newtown proposes 10 percent excise tax on all M-rated games sold in state.

A Connecticut lawmaker whose district includes Newtown, Connecticut, has introduced a new bill that would charge a 10 percent excise tax on all games sold in the Constitution state rated M-for-Mature by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

Debralee Hovey's (R-112nd District) Act Establishing A Sales Tax On Certain Video Games (via WFSB) asks that the state's general statutes be amended to allow for the extra, game-specific sales tax.

If it becomes law, a $60 title--after the state's 6 percent sales tax--would sell for around $70.

Money derived from the effort would be given to the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services for the purpose of creating informational materials to educate families on the "warning signs" of video game addiction and antisocial behavior.

A similar initiative was introduced in Missouri last month by Diane Franklin (R-123rd District), which would charge a 1 percent excise tax on all T, M, and AO-rated games in the state. Money derived from this tax would be deposited into the state's general revenue fund and be used only for the treatment of mental health conditions associated with "exposure" to violent video games.

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