Geek Shall Inherit Episode 016 – Three Great Interviews

It’s not really Daniel’s episode, but Jason calls it that in the introduction and since I type up these blurbs each week I can take and and run with it.  In fact, maybe ALL the episodes from here on out will be “Daniel’s Episodes.”  Yes… I like the sound of that!

This is another split episode with about 40 minutes of chat and then three great interviews.  And I mean GREAT interviews!   Daniel participated in a call in interview with ‘The Walking Dead’ witer and executive producer Glen Mazarra the day after the Seson2 finale.  My opening joke with Glen BOMBS, but Abby was kind enough not to edit it out, so you can all share in my shame.   Then we hit the WonderCon 2012 interviews.  Daniel interviews Andy Gore, CEO of  Quantum Mechanixwho make some stunning prop replicas, prints, t-shirts, maquettes and more.  And finally Jason interviews Battlestar Galactica’s Richard Hatch.  Mr Hatch is very open and candid about why he signed on to the original BSG, what he thinks about the proposed new reboot and we get the definitive answer to why there was never an Apollo action figure in the vintage BSG toy line from Mattel.

You can listen to it here or on iTunes.

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