Geek Shall Inherit Episode 021 – No Comic Con For Old Men

But there will be Comic Con for us! We’re locked and loaded and ready to go. We have our passes, our hotels, and we’re working on our plans. Nothing can stop us now.

Of course every episode of GSi is podcast gold, but I think this episode shines for one particular m0ment, and that is Jason’s one man show interpretation of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm” and the guys form the Michael Keaton appreciation society. All that is but a small slice of a much larger episode with a whole lot of chatter covering all corners of the pop culture universe.

In this episode we cover:

  • - Our friend David Vonner asks us to tackle Tim Burton and his take on ‘Dark Shadows‘… so we do some Burton deconstruction.
  • - Jason is digging VEEP on HBO.
  • - Daniel has stepped back in time to 1987 and is ‘The Princess Bride‘ on the big screen.
  • - ‘Sherlock ‘Season 2 is starting up on PBS May 6th and you should watch it! (and if you haven’t seen season 1 on that yet you should do that TODAY!)
  • - Spymonkey Creations have 3 new color ways in their Armory series.
  • - We don’t normally talk about food on the show but we HAD to mention Pizza Hut (Middle East) new “Crown Crust” pizzas.
  • - Jack White doing the score for Lone Ranger and other rock stars scoring movies.
  • - Daniel gets the years wrong, but tells his story of seeing Fire In the Sky‘ at the drive-in.
  • - From the “wow, we’re old” department – the film ‘Poltergeist ‘ celebrates it’s 30th anniversary on June 4th.
  • - Daniel’s brush with Mr. Spielberg and his 5 minutes of ultimate power.
  • And much more!

You can listen here or on iTunes

*Small Disclaimer – The Minimates interview mentioned in this episode is not up on AFi yet but should be very soon.

And… because we mention it in the episode and it’s too good of a visual not to share – We give you ‘Otters that look like Benedict Cumberbatch’

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