Geek Shall Inherit Epsiode 020 – Toys, Doughnuts and Lack of Sleep

Here we are 20 weeks straight with a new episode every Monday. Who would have thought we could do this with that kind of consistency? We once again welcome any new listeners that might have found us through our mention on Attack of the Show! We give shout-outs to all the lovely people that have said nice things about us and given us a review on iTunes. On top of all that Jason and Daniel come to you again with another hour of geek talk that spans the pop culture universe.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The guys dissect the Hasbro Avengers Press Kit.
  • Daniel is excited for new Barenaked Ladies album Stop Us If You’ve Heard This Before dropping in May and the new Glenn Hansard solo album Rhythm And Repose.
  • Jason has discovered a great Live Aid documentary on YouTube.
  • Jason hit the jackpot at Toys R Us just before the episode was recorded and found the brand new ‘Men In Black 3′ figures from Jakks Pacific and the new Marvel “Grab Zags”
  • BotCon is this coming weekend, April 26th-29th in Dallas, Tx and Hasbro is cracking down on 3rd party stuff. They are not allowing it to be sold at the show by any dealer.
  • I don’t know if it’s true in your area, but here in So Cal where we are there are too many darn Phantom Menace figures on store shelves!! We can’t find anything new.
  • Jason weighs in on “The Beatles Next Generation” rumor of all of the offspring of the Beatles getting together to form a new band.
  • You KNEW Jason would not be on board with them redoing the “Rockford Files” with Vice Vaughn in the lead.
  • The gang at are putting together a cool book about rack toys.
  • All that, plus Jason gives us a peek into his conspiracy theories, man crushes and more!

You can listen here or on Itunes.


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