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Welcome to all the new eyes and ears.  Whether you found us through the ‘ActionFigureInsider Facebook page or you saw our plug on G4′s ‘Attack of the Show’we’re glad to have you here, at AFi home of the ‘Best Darn Toy News on the Internet.  We invite you to have a look around, take a listen to the podcast and join in on the conversation on the forums!  We’ve got another extra beefy episode of the “Geek Shall Inherit’ podcast for you this week!  It starts off with a full episode of chat and then we follow that up with a couple of short interviews with two new up and comers in the comics industry that I think will do great things some day.  Who’s that you ask?  Oh.. just STAN LEE and ROBERT KIRKMAN!!

In this episode the guys discuss:

  • Daniel tells how Easter for him will forever be tied… to Ernest Borgnine.
  • The guys reveal a segment suggestion from one of the listeners and cover his questions about the BifBangPow! Venture Brothers line and What’s up with Mattel and their DC comics lines?
  • The guys give their thoughts on the underwhelming John Carter Blu-Ray and DVD covers.
  • Disney’s California Adventure’s ElecTRONica going off line.
  • Jason’s finds his childhood in the bottom of a drawer.
  • Avenger’s premiere last week and what folks that saw it are saying. (spoiler free!)
  • Daniel talks a bit about his ‘Comic Con: Episode IV A Fan’s Hope  red carpet premiere experience.
  • And then we cap things off with the interviews with Stan Lee and Robert Kirkman.

As always you can listen here, or find us on iTunes!

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