Get A New Game Weekly For $10 With A Fridayplays Subscription

One of the most exciting parts about being a gamer is firing up a new release. Whether it's a blockbuster hit you've been looking forward to for months or an indie title you've never heard of, starting a new game is always an exciting adventure. However, there are hurdles to getting a new video game on a consistent schedule. It's tough to find new and exciting games regularly, and more importantly, buying new games is expensive.

Thankfully, Fridayplays is out to change that, bringing gamers new titles frequently and at a great price. With a Fridayplays subscription, members receive a new game every week without having to shell out extra money. Best of all, a Fridayplays 1-Month Subscription is currently available for only $9.99, on sale from $14.99 (that's a savings of 33%).

Fridayplays is a subscription service that lets you receive a new game each week on Friday. The membership works by sending you four codes to choose from. Each code is valid for a recent blockbuster or indie release. And once the code is used, the game is yours to keep for life.

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