Go Behind The Scenes Of A Rocket To The Moon’s ‘Whole Lotta You’ Video (VIDEO)

A Rocket To The Moon sure do a lot of hanging out in their behind-the-scenes clip for "Whole Lotta You."

"Life ain't nothing but a big dance floor," declares A Rocket To The Moon's lead guitarist/singer Nick Santino in their video for "Whole Lotta You." An upbeat and relaxed pop-rock jam, "Whole Lotta You" is slated to appear on the upcoming album Wild & Free, and trust us when we say that the video, which premiered last Monday, totally exemplifies the album's mentality.

You've probably already seen the clip itself (the guys are in full hang-out mode, throwing back brewskies, ordering snacks from a food truck, and generally lounging), but now we've got an exclusive behind-the-scenes video for you to watch of the guys filming "Whole Lotta You." And it's a whole lotta fun. (Sorry, we tried!)

Watch A Rocket To The Moon's Behind The Scenes video for "Whole Lotta You" after the jump.

In the behind-the-scenes video, the boys take turn describing the on-set action, which primarily has them participating in chill-out activities like driving around in a Mini Cooper, shooting off sparklers, hangin' in the grass with some lady friends, and playin' their instruments. (Doesn't sound at all bad to us!) "This video was a blast to make," says Nick of their new clip. "We got to run around some open fields in Franklin, Tenn., [and] have fun in our favorite city, Nashville. Hopefully this video makes you want to call up your friends and go out tonight." Those guys must be telekinetic, because that's exactly what we were about to do! Our thumbs definitely weren't just about to press "send" on a mass text or anything.

In addition to their behind-the-scenes video, ARTTM also recently announced Wild & Free's long-awaited release date: "We've been waiting a long time to finally tell you guys when you'll be able to get our new album, Wild & Free. Jan. 29, 2013, is going to be an amazing day, and we can't wait another to share [the album] with you. We hope you're as excited as we are!" Oh, we're excited, guys. And we're even MORE excited about those upcoming tour dates, which kicked off just yesterday in Columbus, Ohio.

Whew. Final thoughts? Chilling out all the time def takes some work!

+ Watch A Rocket To The Moon's Behind-The-Scenes video for "Whole Lotta You," and check out the band's tour dates.

Photo credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

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