Going On Vacation With Hanson Is A Real Thing You Can Do

Most people might not think spending $2,999 to go to Jamaica to hang out with Hanson for a week is a wise investment, but those people aren't me and that might not be their lifelong dream. Too bad for them, more "Can you help me with this suntan lotion?" for this gal.

The brothers Hanson recently announced that they needed a vacay (get in line). Unlike you or I browsing Priceline unrequited for hours on end, they decided to go to Jamaica and invited all of their fans. To mark their 20th year as a band, the dudes are heading to the Breezes Grand Resort in Negril, Jamaica, for five days of fun in the sun. Look forward to three performances from the band and two additional performances from "artist friends" Hanson has invited to join the festivities. Also, the following things are listed on their site, so we know they have to happen or I'm seeking litigation:

+ Mix Jamaican drinks with Isaac
+ Learn to cook Jamaican food with Taylor
+ Tie-Dye Session with Zac

A TIE-DYE SESSION WITH ZAC!!!!!!!!!! Hanson's "Back To The Island" vacation extravaganza takes place in January 2013 and is only available to Hanson fan club members. Tickets are on sale now and oh, payment plans are available. (I'm talking to you, Mom and Dad.)

Me eating shrimp on the beach with Hanson before we all get married even though they're married.

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