Gym Class Heroes Team Up With PS22 To Sing ‘The Fighter,’ We Cry Tears Of Joy (VIDEO)

Gym Class Heroes chill with the kids of PS22.

We always knew Gym Class Heroes were total dolls, but this takes everything to like, "pop stars of the year" level (or whatever the equivalent might be). The boys of GCH paid a quick visit to Staten Island’s Wagner College where they teamed up with the already internet-famous grade-schoolers of PS22 to sing their inspiring song "The Fighter." Originally recorded with OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder, the song's message is one of positivity and strength, making it a perfect choice to sing with the kids. Also, THE KIDS!

Watch Gym Class Heroes sing "The Fighter" with the PS22 after the jump.

Before they started singing, GCH lead singer Travie McCoy gave the audience a little pep talk: "How many of you guys out there have ever felt like an underdog? Or felt looked-over? Or how many of you guys out there have ever been backed up in a corner by somebody insecure with themselves? And have them point out ever single flaw that you have? As if you didn't know about them already... Anyone out there ever been bullied? I need you to put your fists in the air." Travie then breaks into song (and we may or may not be crying), and all the mini ballers of PS22 rock out, dance, sing and hopefully let the positive message of "The Fighter" sink in. Seriously, if there was ever a reason to beg your mom to let you stay up past your bedtime, performing this song with GCH would be it. Good job, PS22 moms!

+ Watch Gym Class Heroes sing "The Fighter" with the kids of PS22

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