Hamilton’s Leslie Odom Jr. Joins Knives Out 2

Leslie Odom Jr. (Hamilton, One Night in Miami) will be joining the exciting and wild growing ensemble of Knives Out 2, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Odom Jr. will join fellow franchise newcomers Kathryn Hahn (WandaVision), Janelle MonĂ¡e (Homecoming), Dave Bautista (Army of the Dead), and Edward Norton (Fight Club). Star Daniel Craig, so far, be the only returning cast member.

Although no plot details are known--including whether knives will even indeed be unsheathed--it is assumed that the massive list of names will, as in the 2019 movie starting the franchise, comprise a huge number of potential suspects and trails to follow as Craig interrogates people involved in a murder. It would not at all be out of the question to expect further casting announcements in the coming weeks.

Benoit Blanc--with an inexplicable southern accent. In the first film, he solved a mystery where Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Plummer, Michael Shannon, and Toni Collette starred as suspects. Knives Out 2 has no release date, but is expected to begin production in Greece sometime this summer.

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