Happy 19th Birthday, Harry Styles! Here Are 19 GIFs To Celebrate Each Year Of Your Life

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Happy 19th Birthday, Harry Styles, to you and to your hair! It's been quite a year for you, babe, and although it's been a tumultuous past few weeks of wearing all-black everything and causing your own receding hairline as you mourn the death of "Haylor," we still have a feeling that your 19th year on this Earth may just be your best one yet. And that's not to say that 18 was so shabby either, what with wearing matching kimonos with the rest of the guys in One Direction, being incredibly charitable with One Direction, and, oh yeah, taking over the world with One Direction. But there's just something about 19 that says "I'M A GROWN MAN!" a little bit more than 18 does, amirite? So, feliz cumpleaños, H-dawg! Go purchase something that only people with unlimited amounts of disposable income can afford (like maybe one of those diamonds your band is designing?), and then make out with a regular girl who could totally be a supermodel if she wanted to. Or at least that's what we'd do if we were you.

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Source: vibrantnostalgia

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