Happy 31st Birthday, Beyonce! Now Here’s A GIF Wall Of You Looking Flawless As Always

Beyoncé's been blowing our minds and melting our faces off with jealousy ever since her Destiny's Child days (SAY MY NAME, SAY MY NAME), but she's also kept us watching rapt for well over a decade with her powerful style, show-stopping performances, relationship with Jay-Z, CUU-TE new baby, and of course, her new-found friendship with the First Lady. My gawd, the girl even looks cute lounging in a onsie. I mean, you can't fake that. There's a reason why this year's Most Share-Worthy Video VMA nominee makes history everywhere she goes!

With all of the "Love On Top" singer's mega-accomplishments, it's kind of impossible to believe that B is just 31 years old today. Girl's crammed a lifetime's worth of bragging rights into a super short amount of time, and stays humble to boot! So, have a very happy birthday, Beyoncé! Now, please let us celebrate you with your very own GIF wall.


GIFs courtesy of T. Kyle / @tkylemac from the RealityTVGIFs Blog

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