It was 7 years ago today that AFi first went live on the internets. In that time we have posted 4500+ news stories to the front page. That a little over 1.76 stories a day!
We are going to be celebrating our 7 year anniversary with a week long celebration starting this Monday April 23rd. It will be a week of scoops, interviews, surprises and more!

I just want to say thank you to my my co-founder Jason “Toy Otter” Geyer.  This never would have gotten off the ground without you.

Thank you to Peter “Vader” Go.  Without you we wouldn’t have been around this long!

Thank you to Danny “Cantina Dan” Neuman and Ryan “Superfly” Prast for coming on staff and helping out in all the ways you guys do.

Thank you to Abby Zirkle for always thinking about how to take things to the next level, making me look good, letting me work whenever I need to, always pitching in, and for loving a toy nerd.

Thanks to all the mods for keeping a eye on this place when I can’t.

Thanks to all the companies and toy professionals for the news, scoops, stories, encouragement, trust and for making awesome products for us to talk about.

And THANK YOU to YOU the readers.  I say all the time how proud I am of the community that shows up here day after day who ask questions, challenge us, engage in civil discussion, give us tips and make it all worth it!

THANK YOU ALL!   YOU are what has made AFi last as long as it has and flourish!

So stay tuned!  We’ve got a lot of new goodness coming next week… and beyond!

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