Harmonix unveils Rock Band Blitz

Arcade rhythm game from Rock Band developer coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PSN this summer.

Rock Band developer Harmonix has unveiled its new title today, an arcade rhythm game called Rock Band Blitz.

The next entry in the Rock Band franchise was announced by Harmonix project director Matthew Nord on G4 TV's X-Play today, who revealed the title will be available on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network this summer.

Predominantly a single-player experience, Rock Band Blitz will be an arcade rhythm game that will allow players to play all the instruments in a track using a console controller instead of a plastic instrument.

Described by Nord as "fast, silly, loud, and over the top," the game will work with all the songs currently in the Rock Band catalogue (around 3,700 songs), but will also ship with 25 songs at launch, all of which will be instantly playable on Rock Band 3.

"Instead of focusing on music authenticity and performance simulation, [Rock Band Blitz] is an arcade game, so it's quick and fun," Nord said on G4. "[Players] can jump around and play any track they want at any time, you can charge the tracks up to get increased multipliers, and sometimes you'll get special purple notes for power-ups."

Nord also showed off the game's recommendation system: a mix of songs that players own and songs that are recommended to them by the game based on their purchase or play history or tracks recommended by friends.

Harmonix stated it will be supporting Rock Band Blitz with constant songs and updates, and all content released will work with all other Rock Band games.

Rock Band Blitz will be available on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN this summer.

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