Harry Styles Got A Birthday Lap Dance From a Stripper Dressed As A Cop!

...And this is probably what he looked like as it was happening.

Y'know, it doesn't seem so long ago that we wished One Direction's Harry Styles a happy 19th birthday with the generous gift of 19 Harry Styles GIFs. Wait, that was only last week!! Oh, how fast they grow up, because we now have photographic evidence of the "Kiss You" singer receiving a birthday lap dance from a stripper dressed as a cop! Because really, who needs a seven-layer dark chocolate cake when you can celebrate your special day 2 Chainz-style with your very own "big booty ho"! See, 19 is ALREADY better than 18!

We just hope this doesn't send Taylor Swift on another sad boat ride. Or that her next song isn't called "That Time I Dated A Lap Dance-Getting DB" or something. Anyway, Harry, hope you had fun. (And hope you washed your hands.)

Photo credit: mrswika

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