Hasbro 2103 Fan Media Event

My Little Pony
-Working on lots of new episodes
-Twilight Sparkle will still be herself but just as a princess
-Some ponies that went away will be coming back
-Next week has a huge musical episode

-Beast Hunters will run through all toy lines and comics (including Bot Shots and Kre-o)
-IDW is publishing the Beast Hunters comics
-Beast Hunters digital will be available 2-18-13
-Beast Hunters Legion Scale Soundwave, Prowl, Gun-gurrr
-Beast Hunters Commander Scale Starscream, Shockwave
-Beast Hunters Deluxe Scale Ratchet, Dreadwing, Skystaker
-Beast Hunters Voyager Scale Shockwave, Ultra Magnus, Grimwing
-Beast Hunter Optimus Prime w/spinning dragon cannons
-Beast Hunters Beast Fire Predaking (Target Exclusive)
-Hunt & Battle Online @ transformers.com

Transformers Construct-bots
-Transformer you build and can convert to different modes
-The modular system allows you to customize and a new way to experience Transformers
-Using G1 designs, new way to collect your favorite G1 characters
-Scout Wave 1: Ironhide, Starscream
-Elite Wave 1: Wheeljack, Soundwave
-Triple Changers Wave 1: Bumblebee, Blitzwing
-Ultimate: Optimus Prime, Megatron

Transformers Generations
-Celebrating 30th Anniversary

-Partnering with IDW for comic (comic characters line up with toy line)
-Doing comic pack-ins in deluxe scale (wave 3): Bumblebee, Megatron, Trailcutter, Orion Pax (comic will be in deluxe scale starting this fall)
-Lengends Scale Wave 3: Optimus Prime w/Roller, Bumblebee w/Blazemaster
-Voyager Scale Wave 3: Springer (Triple-Changer), Blitzwing (Triple-Changer)

Transformers Platnium
-Ultra Magnus

-2 pack: Grimlock vs. Bruticus

Transformers Masterpeice
-Acid Storm, Soundwave

-TRU Exclusive

Transformers Titan Class
-over 24″ tall

-Metroplex!!! Wha?! Oh yeah!
-Fully transformable, designers call it “Big Baby”
-Titan Triple Changer w/Scamper
-Light up eyes, flip down visor, articulated pupils, independent cannons, head converts to gunner turret, sounds & phrases, fashionable and functional helmet (city mode)
-Firing projectile blaster, articulated hands/fingers, autobot repair bays, take-off/landing strips, weapon turrets, helipad landing zone (vehicle mode)
-Fall ’13 approx. $125

-Transformers continues and expanding with GI Joe and Star Trek
-Microchangers: Wave 2 – Blot, Bombshell Acidwing & Bulkhead, Groove, Arcee, Powerglide, Scourge, Lugnut, Perceptor, Hoist Wave 3: Beachcomber, Kickback, Huffer, Guzzler, Longhaul, Nemisis Prime, Thrust, Ramjet, Seawing, Sharkticon, Nosecone (missed a couple of them)
-Combiners Wave 2 – Defensor, Prianacon, Abominus
-Beast Hunters: Autobot Buliding Set (first ever Kre-o transofrmers playset)
-Kreon Figure Asst Wave 1 – customize 3 ways
-Stark Trek: on shelf 4/29/13
-Star Trek: Enterprise w/5 Kreons (Kirk, spock, McCoy and 2 specialists)
-Star Trek: Bird of Prey w/Kirk, Uhura and 2 Klingons
-Star Trek: Volcano Mission w/Spock and Sulu
-Star Trek: Transporter Set w/Scott and Klingon
-Star Trek: Micro Build Asst Enterprise, Klingon d7, Kelvin, Jellyfish
-Star Trek: Space Dive w/Kirk (first ever light up Kreon) and Specialist
-Star Trek: Kreon Asst 6 figs to start out and then another 12 after
-GI Joe: TRU Exclusive on shelf: 2/11/13
-GI Joe: Spring line (9 new building sets, 28 Kreons to collect
-GI Joe: Blowtorch, Land Adventurer, Dr. Mindbender, Cobra BAT, Flash & Major Blood
-GI Joe: Slice, Snow Job, Dreaknok Ripper, Tunnel Rat, Mutt & Junkyard & Cobra Eel
-GI Joe: Ghoststriker and Arashikage Dojo (Baroness, Destro, HISS Tank and 6 figs)

GI Joe
-10″ movie ninja commandos
-12″ Movie Figures (Roadblack, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow)
-3.75″ Movie Figures: Firefly is coming back out
-3.75″ Movie Figs: Ultimate Flint, Ultimate Roadblock, Budo Samurai Warrior, Ultimate Storm Shadow, Ultimate Cobra Commander (hood and masked), Data Viper, Kwinn (should show up early as May)
-3.75″ Movie Figs: Wave 4 are hard to find and remix
-Showdown set: Tactical Ninja Team, Cobra Invasion Team
-Alpha Cycles: Night Landing Raft w/Cobra Eel (Paramount added a new Cobra landing scene for the film at the end)
-Eagle Hawk Assault Chopper for Fall

Star Wars
-Black Series: they wanted to capture that iconic, scene-specific shot and bring it to life in a new scale.  Figures should resonate with SW fans and collectors, and create an emotional connection back to the scenes that inspired them.  6″ figures were born.
-Wave 1: X-wing Luke, Darth Maul (dual lightsaber and cloak), R2D2 (jet packs, probe), Sandtrooper (backpack, pistol, rifle)
-3.75″ Black Series: Anakin, Clone Trooper Sergeant, Bike Scout, Darth Vader (Bespin Trap), Clone Pilot, Luke (Yavin Ceremony), Padme (Geonosis Arena) Biggs Darklighter
-Saga Legends 3.75″: $5.99 price point, 5 points of articulation, 12 figs in Wave 1
-Mission Series 3.75″: $9.99 price point, buddy packs, 5 points of articulation
-Class II Vehicles 3.75″: Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter (new for Fall)
-12″ Figures: Anakin, Clone Trooper, Obi-Wan, Vader
-Anakin to Vader Figure: blue light-up light saber, when you put the helmet on you get the transformation into Vader with sound and lightsaber turns red
-Retailer Exclusives: Battle of Geonosis (Vintage Republic Gunship) – Yoda, 2 Troopers, figures will be able to go in turrets
-Bigg’s X-Wing Fighter
-Darth Vader Origins (4 figures and operating table)
-Scanning Crew Pack 1
-Scanning Crew Pack 2
-Vintage Ewok Catapult
-Darth Vader Evolution Pack (online)
-Vintage Tie Interceptor (Amazon) figures not included
-Slave I (Amazon) w/Han Solo in Carbonite Figure
-Jedi Force: 5″ Figures – all new scale
-Angry Birds: New cast of characters, and new toys

-Spiderman Power Webs Figures Wave 2: Doc Ock, Web Wingsuit Spidey
-Power Webs Stund Launch Spider Cycle (as seen in the animated series)
-Power Webs: Rapid Fire Web Blast Spidey (new for fall)
-Spiderman 6″: Wave 2 – SHIELD Tech Spidey, Tentacle Attack Doc Ock, Web Whirlwind Spidey
-6″ Wolverline LIne: on shelf 6/1/13 – Cyclops, Wolverine, Sabertooth, Emma Frost, Cyclops, Rogue, Puck
-Wolverine All-Star: Logan, Sword Slash Silver Samurai, Warrior Claw Wolverine, Shadow Strike Ninja
-Iron Man 3: in stores 2/11/13
-Iron Man 3: Assemblers Figure Assortment more figures in the Fall
-Sonic Blasting Iron Man, Sonic Blasting Night Ops (available August and glows in the dark)
-Iron Man Micro Muggs: 24 to collect, blind boxed
-Iron Man 3 Legends: wave 2 – IM Mark 2, Iron Patriot, Ultron Classic (available in May), Iron Monger is build a figure
-Avengers Assemble: all new animated series to air on Disney XD
-Avengers Assemble: Micro Mugs Multi-pack (4 figs), 3.75″ Action Figs: Cap, Hawkeye, Red Skull (available Fall)
-Thor: The Dark World – 3.75″ Thor, Dark Elf, Loki, Thor
-Thor new role play toys
-Marvel Universe
-3.75″ Rhino, Capt, Mysterio, Electra, Baron Zemo, Cloak and Dagger, Abomination, A-bomb, Black and White Iron Man
-Team Packs: Cyclops, Colossus, Emma Frost
-Mighty Thor Packs: Valkyrie, Thor, Skurge
-Marvel Legends
-Build a Figure – Hit Monkey (Wave 1)
-Scarlet Spiderman, Black Panther, Wrecker, Bulldozer, Modern Hawkeye, Classic Hawkeye, Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey, Jean Grey, Phoenix, Rocket Raccoon (has articulated jaw) – Wave 2 Build a figure
Wave 3 – modeled after the Thunderbolts will see at SD Comic Con














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