Here Are Some Shirtless Photos Of One Direction. You’re Welcome! (PHOTOS)

One Direction's Zayn, Louis and Harry get half nekky in Australia.

How much brighter is the sun shining for you now that you've seen this photo of One Direction's Zayn, Louis and Harry shirtless on a little boat off the coast of Australia? If you're anything like me, the answer is "A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT." After melting hearts and faces with their "Saturday Night Live" performance and appearance on "The Manuel Ortiz Show" (LOL FOR DAYS AT THOSE 'STACHES!), the 1D dudes were recently down under promoting their No. 1 album, Up All Night and being super, mega famous, but they took some time off to tease the entire female population of the world by enjoying some shirtless fun in the sun. If you knew how old I am and how genuinely excited I got when I saw these pix, you might call the authorities. Also, I am looking into seeing how difficult it is to become an Australian citizen. Do they do dual citizenship? I hope so.

It's got to be difficult being the second coming of The Beatles one of the world's most popular boy bands, with women young and old trying to lay the mack down at all hours of the day. That's why it's pertinent that One Direction's management lets them frolic when they see fit. And frolic these dudes did.

Check out more (shirtless) photos of One Direction after the jump.

We should note that the legal drinking age in both the U.K. and Australia is 18, so Louis is totally legal here. Not that you should drink. Empty calories and dire consequences.


Credit all photos: Splash News

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