Here’s A Lady Gaga Doll Made Of Cat Hair (PHOTO)

Don't throw away that cat hair! You could make a Lady Gaga out of it!

Cat-people types AND Lady Gaga fans, you might wanna buy a lottery ticket, because if today's the day you were hoping to discover the existence of a little figure of Lady Gaga made of cat hair, then you're a lucky little monster.

Let's back up for a second, though, because I do realize I've dropped a lot on you. To understand how this Lady Gaga cat hair creation came about, you first need to know that there's actually a day devoted to hairball awareness: it's National Hairball Awareness Day, and it's April 27. To raise awareness about this most bile-and-regurgitation-covered day of days, a pet product company named FURminator is engaging in a little casual cat-crafting contest, tapping bloggers with a LOT of time and A LOT of cat hair on their hands to create celebrity likenesses out of cat hair.

Blogger Laura Bennett did the only logical thing when one's confronted with a pet hair challenge: She made a Lady Gaga doll out of cat hair.

Don't spend too much time thinking about it. Just enjoy it for what it is, and pray that no one makes a cat hair meat dress. That's not a challenge. Please don't do it.

Photo credit: Laura Bennett, Embrace Pet Insurance/ FilmMagic

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