Here’s A Photo From The Cab’s New Video, ‘Endlessly,’ Taken By Video Star Hailee Steinfeld

Oh look! Hailee Steinfeld's in The Cab's "Endlessly" video!

When your new video stars Academy Award nominee Hailee Steinfeld, you know you're doing something right. When said song in said video was co-written by Bruno Mars, you know you're doing something VERY RIGHT. So, The Cab have both of those things going for them right now -- their brand-new single "Endlessly" was cowritten by Bruno, and when their Elliot Sellers-directed video drops on Nov. 15, we'll get to see Hailee Steinfeld in the starring role. I'd like to see who else is in the band's iPhone contacts.

See an exclusive photo from The Cab's "Endlessly" video taken by Hailee Steineld after the jump.

So how'd The Cab get hooked up with an Academy Award nominee? Via Twitter, OBVIOUSLY. The Cab singer Alex Deleon got word that Hailee (remember her from "True Grit"? SO good!) was a big fan of the band and took it upon himself to tweet her, explaining, "I found out she was a fan of our band, and the song' 'Endlessly,' and needless to say I flipped with excitement. I reached out to Hailee, and she came to one of our L.A. shows where I dedicated 'Endlessly' to her. Fast-forward and we kind of became best friends. She is one of my favorite people in the entire world, and I believe in her talent so much. I was nervous to ask her to be a part of the 'Endlessly' story and be in the video, but when she said yes, the rest was history."

Um, OK. HI. Now who says 140 characters can't create for-real, IRL, relationships! Oh, and one more thing -- see the rather cryptic photo below of the camera and the key? That's a photo taken by Hailee herself (vive l'iPhone!), and it also serves as a clue about the video plot. Maybe it's watching Hailee tear through walls to gift herself with an expensive vintage camera? Yeah, that's a stretch. Luckily, we'll find out soon enough when The Cab's brand-new "Endlessly" video premieres Nov. 15.

A camera +  key = an "Endlessly" video clue! #Cryptic.

Photo credit: Hailee Steinfeld for The Cab

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