Offer a Seat at the 2013 HeroClix Worlds Event

Developers of HeroClix Online today announced a new six-week tournament series titled ‘War of the Shards’ in which one lucky hero will receive an invitation to this year’s HeroClix World event, to be held at Gen Con 2013 in Indianapolis, IN August 15-18.

Each week of the event will feature a new Themed tournament based on an Infinity Gem from the Infinity Gauntlet—and each week gives players more chances to increase their overall scores.

The goal for participants is to collect as many Gem Shards (through tournament wins) from as many different Infinity Gems as they can.  At the end of the series HeroClix Online will be inviting one lucky hero to HeroClix Worlds and offering them a physical 2013 Marvel con exclusive figure of their choice. Second Place will also receive a 2013 Marvel con exclusive figure and all participants will be entered in a random drawing for the physical Thanos figure.

Following the event Gem Shards can be used in casual matches as obstacles for, or to attack, opponents.

The full announcement, rules and regulations can be found on the HeroClix Online forums.

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