Hulk Smashes Savage Wolverine

Hulk Smashes Savage Wolverine

By Ben Morse

Old rivals get set to go another round in the deadliest of environments when the Hulk crashes into SAVAGE WOLVERINE beginning this May with issue #5!

Thus far, Logan’s jungle adventure has been marred by mystery, as he has found himself mysteriously trapped on an island near the Savage Land, teaming with Shanna the She-Devil against foes not fully revealed. Hulk’s arrival doesn’t serve to clarify the situation for anybody, but will up the mayhem factor.

“Just like everyone else finding their way to this godforsaken island, I’m not sure Hulk knows exactly how it happened,” explains editor Jeanine Schaefer. “One minute he was eating his cereal, watching his stories and the next he’s face-to-face with Wolverine and Shanna and a bunch of angry dinosaurs.”

While Marvel’s most dangerous heroes have battled many times in an array of venues through the ages, this particular Hulk-Wolverine clash will boast a powerful plot and explosive visuals as only writer/artist Frank Cho can provide.

Savage Wolverine #5 cover by Frank Cho

“Frank’s art and storytelling set this fight apart more than anything else,” Schaefer vows. “This was one of the first sequences he wrote when we were first talking about the issue, so there are some specific moments he’s thought out that I think fans are going to love.

“Honestly, working with Frank is such a blast. He has a total vision of what he wants the book to look and feel like, and I’ve loved researching his influences, both the old pulps and Marvel comics from the 70’s and 80’s, to help create the total package.”

In addition to their emerald party crasher, Wolverine and Shanna will also encounter Man-Thing and Amadeus Cho as their adventure continues. But getting back to the big green guy, Schaefer offers a hint as to what his mood will be, given how big a role temperament plays in the pages of INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK:

“It’s definite Hulk who shows up, not Banner, so read into that what you will. Not to mention that the island itself has some bearing on how people are reacting to each other as well, so even people who are on the same side might not be able to see it right away.”

SAVAGE WOLVERINE #5 comes your way in May, but you can pre-order issue #2, due out on February 20, right now!

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