‘Hunger Games’ Sequel ‘Catching Fire’: Five Burning Questions

We can't help but look forward to the next film based on Suzanne Collins' best-sellers.
By Kara Warner

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While we'd love to take some more time to bask in the glow of just-released box-office champ "The Hunger Games," it's time to move on to the sequel and start pondering and overanalyzing everything about "Catching Fire".

Here are our five burning questions (minor spoilers ahead for those who haven't yet read the book — hurry up and get to it, people!):

When Will Gary Ross Officially Sign On to Direct?
By all accounts, this question has already been answered behind closed doors in some fancy studio room somewhere but has not been announced to the general public. As of now, Gary Ross is attached to direct "Catching Fire," which, in "Hollywood speak," means he's still trying to work out the details with his agents and the studio. We're pretty optimistic that he'll return, though, because he's offered up some very specific details about his plans for it.

When and Where Will Filming Take Place?
Come on, Lionsgate, you've already announced the release date for "Catching Fire." When will you announce the production start date? Time is ticking! Those of us who've read the book know there are Games afoot but of a completely different nature. Ross told MTV News that he has some specific ideas about how to shoot in/on a tropical location but wouldn't expand upon them beyond teasing the tone of the second film. "It will look and feel slightly different from the first," he said before adding that he can guarantee one thing: "Catching Fire" will not be in 3-D. "I don't think it's appropriate for this film. If we shoot in 3-D, we become the Capitol," he said.

Who Will play Finnick Odair?
Much like the hullabaloo that surrounded the casting of Katniss, Peeta and Gale, fans are very invested in who will play hunky-yet-surprisingly-complex victor Finnick Odair. The list of fan hopefuls is all over the place and includes Armie Hammer, Alex Pettyfer, Garrett Hedlund, Hunter Parrish and YouTube star Joey Graceffa. (This writer would very much like for relatively unknown Benjamin Stone to be in the mix. See his work on "The Nine Lives of Chloe King" for proof.)

Will Kristen Bell's Campaigning Pay Off?
In addition to charming us into total adoration via the release of her slightly embarrassing sloth video, Kristen Bell has not been shy about her love of "The Hunger Games." The admitted superfan has launched her very own campaign of sorts to be cast as kick-ass District 7 champ Johanna Mason. Only time will tell to see if she gets her shot. We think she at least deserves an audition, don't you?

Which Scene Will Be the Most Swoon-Worthy?
The greater messages in "The Hunger Games" are about survival and independence and freedom. However, we can't help it if there are also several swoon-worthy scenes that we can't wait to see played out onscreen between Katniss and Peeta and Gale. Speaking to "Catching Fire," what will make us melt in our seats most? That "beach scene" between Katniss and Peeta or Katniss and Gale's emotional exchange after he's severely beaten and recovering at her mother's house?

Check out everything we've got on "The Hunger Games."

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