‘Hunger Games’ Star Jennifer Lawrence Picks Her Favorite Scenes

Actress also jokes about one memorable scene that didn't make the cut: a breakdance fight between her and Josh Hutcherson.
By Jocelyn Vena, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

Jennifer Lawrence
Photo: MTV News

There are probably several scenes that "Hunger Games" fans can't wait to see on the big screen on March 23. While trailers and clips have given us a glimpse of what the world of the books will look like in the film, the juiciest stuff has yet to be seen.

But leading lady Jennifer Lawrence assures MTV News that the emotions and stakes are quite high when the story is translated to celluloid.

"Rue's death, I mean that's just a horrible scene," she said about the tragic death of the youngest tribute in the Games. When asked how she mustered up the tears for that scene, she admitted that she faked most of it. "I mean, I can definitely start crying; water comes sometimes, maybe it doesn't. I'm not against the menthol stuff and all that, 'cause it's just water. That's the thing, I don't have anything in my life that can instantly make me cry — knock on wood. So it's the standard hold your eyes open and fake your way through it."

Another big scene, according to the one-time Oscar nominee, comes courtesy of Josh Hutcherson, who plays her love interest and pal, Peeta. "Josh has this amazing scene the night before the games, and he has this really great monologue."

And then there's that cave scene and all its romantic implications that will have all the "HG" fans buzzing. Lawrence admitted Katniss was "pretty aggressive" in the cave, a trait she's not sure she shares with her character. "I don't know, first kisses are always awkward because it's like we both know it's going to happen but both of us are kind of, 'Hmm,' " she said.

However, it seems one scene was left on the cutting-room floor by director Gary Ross. She joked, "That breakdance fight between me and Josh; that didn't make it."

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