Hunter Hayes Must Not Have Received Our Offer to Be His Grammys Date (PHOTO)

Hunter Hayes PROMISED to take us to the Grammys...but we're still waiting!

Um, over and out to Hunter Hayes! Are you there, bb? Because we still have NOT received a "yay" or "nay" to our (very generous) offer to be your date to theĀ 2013 Grammys, and it's kinda getting down to the wire, you know? (Not to mention the fact that we dropped mad dough on a gel mani/pedi and a blow out, and we are wearing Spanx...) Fine, even if the MTV "Artist To Watch" isn't taking us as his plus one, we're still rooting for him to win all THREE of the Grammys he's up for, including Best New Artist, Best Country Solo Performance, and Best Country Album. Because one nomination at the age of 21 isn't enough, you know?

And it's not like we were even dying to go to the Grammys or anything (actually that's a gigantic lie, OF COURSE WE WERE), it's just that we've been told by a few prior Grammy winners that we're a good luck charm, and we really wanted to impose a little bit of that juju on Hunter so that he goes home with at least one golden statue! Actually, we're pathologically lying again (oops), because the "Wanted" singer clearly doesn't need our positive vibes to win anything (watch this performance for proof!). And we haven't exactly been told that we're good luck charms by former Grammy's just that "The Secret" teaches us that "thoughts become things," and we're practicing!

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