I Have A Metroid Prime Conspiracy Theory

We've had very little in the way of Metroid news since Nintendo announced it had completely restarted the development of Metroid Prime 4 back in January 2019, but something in the company's last Nintendo Switch Online game update trailer causes me to believe that some kind of Metroid announcement is imminent.

Like the best conspiracy theories, this one is premised on tiny, incidental details that likely have no significance at all. Still, I won't let little matters like logic put a damper on things, so join me as I dive down this rabbit hole and outline the (admittedly tenuous) reasons why I believe some Metroid news is coming soon.

To put everything into proper context, we first need to go back to September 2018, when Nintendo launched its Switch Online service. One of the primary perks the service offers to subscribers is access to a library of classic NES games (which would be expanded to include SNES games as well starting in September 2019). If you look at this screen cap from the NES overview trailer, you'll notice that Nintendo's Switch profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen is Mario.

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