Icona Pop’s ‘My Party’ Featuring Zebra Katz Will Be Stuck In Your Head Just As Long As ‘I Love It’ Was

Listen to Icona Pop's new single "My Party."

Icona Pop's "My Party" will be stuck in your head for three years. Just like "I Love It" was.

Earlier today, Icona Pop unveiled the 11-song tracklist for This Is... Icona Pop, dropping Sept. 24. And to celebrate, they've unleashed a song called "My Party" featuring Zebra Katz, which, although not featured on their album, WILL be stuck in your head for as long as their double-platinum smash "I Love It" was. (Icona Pop kinda have a knack for that, if you haven't noticed. #GIRLSClubScene.)

Listen to Icona Pop's "My Party" after the jump.

A reinterpretation of Lesley Gore's 1963 hit, "It's My Party," "My Party" is actually an older Icona Pop track that's been revamped courtesy of New York rapper Zebra Katz.

Aino and Caroline stack their version with grimy synths and hazy drums as they sing the famous hook in a two-part harmony: "It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to/ Cry if I want to/ You would cry to, if it happened to you." Up next, Zebra spits in his bass-heavy timbre: "Guess it's just one of them days/ Lost in the maze." Sounds like a rough-ass party, no?

Truth be told, we've always kinda wondered just what did happen at Lesley's "party," and now we're a lil' curious about what went down at the "Girlfriend" singers' fête-gone-wrong! Did Miley Cyrus show up with her foam finger and scare the party guests away, or worse, declare that "it's HER party, she can do what she wants"? Guess we'll never know!

+ Listen to Icona Pop's "My Party" featuring Zebra Katz.

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