Inside Xbox shuttered in Europe

Microsoft confirms that its in-house Xbox dashboard editorial unit in Europe will suffer the same fate as its US counterpart.


Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb today confirmed that Microsoft is to cease production of first-party content in Europe, and would be retiring the Inside Xbox brand in the region.

Inside Xbox has been broadcasting since 2008. The UK's flagship programme, Sent U A Message, won the Best Broadcast award at 2011's Games Media Awards. The US version of Inside Xbox was closed last week, removing the brand for those viewers in America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Hryb today updated his blog post about the US closure, stating that Microsoft in Europe had decided to "move away from the current first-party produced content model and transition to a third-party content model." He confirmed that this meant that the Inside Xbox brand would be retired in the region.

After the US closure was announced a petition was started online in an attempt to avert the closure in Europe; as of press time it had garnered 2,224 signatures. After the announcement was made, Dan Maher, one of the faces of Inside Xbox UK, tweeted, "Inside Xbox is no more, as are our jobs. Your support during the last four years has meant the world to us."

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