James Franco And A Person With A Cat Head Star In R.E.M.’s ‘That Someone Is You’ Video

James Franco reenacts "Grease" with a giant cat head in R.E.M.'s "That Someone Is You" video.

Have you ever finished watching a music video only to say to yourself, "WTF did I just watch??" That's basically the reaction we got from R.E.M.'s brand-new video for "That Someone Is You," which is directed by and features (the one and only) James Franco, aka Hollywood's own Renaissance man. We may not be sure what the prolific Athens-based band's latest clip is all about, and we may still be a little stunned and making "BUH?" sounds, but we DO know that the video definitely falls on the "amazing" side of the weird spectrum and not the "we're never watching this again" side.

Watch R.E.M.'s "That Someone Is You" video after the jump.

"That Someone Is You" isn't the only video of R.E.M.'s James has directed -- the "127 Hours" star also directed the trio's recent single "Blue" (both are off of the band's 2011 release Collapse Into Now), which features, wait for it..."Liz & Dick" star Lindsey Lohan. But getting back to "That Someone Is You" for a sec: The clip is an updated rendition of the final scene in "Grease," you know, where Danny Zuko (John Travolta) and Sandy Olsson (Olivia Newton-John) reunite and dance it out to "You're The One That I Want." Only in R.E.M.'s version, James Franco plays Danny and Sandy has a giant cat head (now do you understand why we're still "buhhhh"-ing?). As the video proceeds, James and the giant cat head (see what we did there?) do the "You're The One That I Want" dance routine among a slew of late '50s carnival paraphernalia, get their hair did, and are even shown behind the scenes taking direction from on-set instructors. Then they dance some more! We're still trying to wrap our heads around it (heh), but you know James Franco...we established long ago that there's nothing too weird for him.

+ Watch R.E.M.'s "Someone Like You" video.

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