James Franco Chalks Up Another Unconventional Side Hustle With Telenovela

Oscar nominee will appear on Nick at Nite's 'Hollywood Heights' this summer.
By Jocelyn Vena

James Franco
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At this point, few things James Franco does in his career surprise anyone. But his latest gig might be an exception. The Oscar-nominated actor has agreed to appear on the Nick at Nite telenovela "Hollywood Heights."

The gig was announced by the network on Wednesday, but further details about his appearance on the show were not released. The show will kick off in June, according to Vulture, and like any good telenovela, it will air five nights a week. Based on a Mexican soap opera, the show revolves around a shy girl who befriends a rock star (her crush) after winning a songwriting competition and ultimately becomes a pop star herself.

This is the latest of many unusual side hustles the actor has acquired recently. Aside from attending college at several prestigious universities across the country over the last few years, the actor has also appeared several times on the small screen since he bid his role as Daniel Desario on "Freaks and Geeks" goodbye 12 years ago.

He also appeared on the soap opera "General Hospital," where he played an artist with mob ties. His character's name? Simply, Franco. In 2011, he hosted the Academy Awards alongside Anne Hathaway. While he had been nominated for his work in "127 Hours" that year, his performance as the show's host was met with mixed reviews. He also appeared on the NBC game show "Minute to Win It" along with Aron Ralston, whom he portrayed in "127 Hours." They played to benefit a charity.

He is a published author and a film critic and worked behind the lens on several projects, including 2011's "Three's Company: The Drama," based on the hit sitcom from the 1970s, which was screened at Sundance that year. In addition to several multimedia projects, he shot music videos for R.E.M. for their tracks "Blue" and "That Someone Is You." He also appeared in a music video for his own musical project, Kalup and Franco.

While he pursues some of his more unusual side projects, he is also attached to several movies, including "Maladies," "Lovelace," "Oz: The Great and Powerful" and the currently in production "Spring Breakers," with Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens.

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