Jamie Lynn Spears Performs The Sweetest Country Song That’s Probably About Britney (VIDEO)

Watch Jamie Lynn Spears sing a song she wrote about her big sis Brit!

Brace yourselves, guys. Britney Spears' little sis Jamie Lynn Spears is going country. Truthfully, we've kind of been expecting this moment ever since we found out Britney Spears had a sister because history has totally predicted this behavior. (Additionally, please recall Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. Thanks.)

Watch Jamie Lynn Spears perform "I Look Up To You" after the jump. 

Jamie Lynn recently played a gig at Nashville's famed venue 3rd and Lindsley, and thankfully, someone recorded the best part: Jamie singing a song she wrote about Britney! The tune is called "I Look Up To You," and though Jamie didn't explicitly say the song was about her big sis, she admitted: "You can imagine who I wrote it about." Why yes, YES WE CAN! Before we delve into the vocals, let's just discuss the fact that Jamie straight-up looks like Britney. Borderline identical twins, in fact, (well, save for being born nine years apart). Secondly, lil' Spears' voice isn't half bad at all! Jamie sounded like early early early Britney (like Britney on "Star Search"), and she truly did her best to try and win over a clearly skeptical crowd. In sum, should we call her the next Carrie Underwood? We'll see. Did we wanna jam our ears with cotton? Definitely not. Are we tearing up a bit over the overt sisterly love? Yes. Obviously.

+ Watch Jamie Lynn Spears perform "I Look Up To You." 

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