Jared Leto REALLY Loves Veggie Burgers (PHOTO)

Jared Leto is really excited about his veggie burger!

We're betting Jared Leto started his blog Notes from the Outernet so huge fans like us could properly stalk live vicariously through him. The guy does EVERYTHING we want to do: art shows, world travel and sword fighting with little people. He even does things that we didn't know existed -- like attend wild veggie burger parties! Oh Hollywood and your crazy networking events!

The 30 Seconds To Mars singer's most recent entry to his blog includes photos of him schmoozing with pals over veggie burgers. Judging by Jared's face, the burgers must taste really good -- but we'll just take his word for it. While we fully support vegetarians and their healthy lifestyles, we can't help but select the all-meat-everything option always. (#baconforever) Actually, the look on Jared's face in this photo is THE EXACT same look we made when we heard about that hotdog stuffed pizza crust. But keep fighting the good fight, JarJar.

Photo credit: JaredLeto.com

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