Jennifer Lawrence Is ‘Crazy’ Good In ‘Hunger Games’

'It's amazing, honestly, to watch her effortlessly flip back and forth,' Josh Hutcherson tells MTV News of castmate's performance as Katniss.
By Kara Warner, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

Josh Hutcherson
Photo: MTV News

Although there were a few skeptics out there who questioned the casting of Jennifer Lawrence in "The Hunger Games," most of that chatter died down when Lionsgate started releasing photos and clips of the Oscar nominee in action as Katniss Everdeen.

Now, as we inch closer and closer toward the release date of the highly anticipated film, Lawrence's castmates have been saying how she embodies the spirit of the beloved and critically acclaimed protagonist created by author Suzanne Collins.

Lawrence's co-star and real-life friend Josh Hutcherson recently told MTV News that despite being a very different person from Katniss, the actress' ability to quickly turn the character on and off was startling.

"She is literally 180 degrees different from Katniss," Hutcherson said. "It's amazing, honestly, to watch her effortlessly flip back and forth, because she's very fun, very hilarious, and to watch her on 'Action!' go boom, right into the character is kind of impressive, so much so that she's talking and being Jennifer up until they're rolling sound and when they say 'Action!' boom, [she goes] right into character."

Hutcherson said Lawrence's abilities are so good they're unsettling. "That's what crazy people do. Crazy people change who they are as a person just like that, so she's a crazy person," he joked.

We asked Hutcherson to clarify that statement, just to be sure that he does indeed think Lawrence is crazy. "100 percent," he said with a smile, still joking. "I've said that for a long time."

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