Jennifer Lawrence Says Shooting ‘Catching Fire’ Will Be ‘A Blessing’

'I got to play this character that I love, and then whatever I didn't like, I can fix next year,' 'Hunger Games' star tells MTV News.
By Jocelyn Vena, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

Jennifer Lawrence
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"The Hunger Games." has yet to hit theaters, but preparations for the next flick in the series, "Catching Fire," are already in the works. Still, the franchise's leading lady, Jennifer Lawrence, is just trying to catch her breath for the first film, out March 23, before she can catch fire.

"It's kind of like when we're there, let's talk about it. But until then I'm sick of hearing about myself as Katniss," she laughed to MTV News when asked how she feels about having to hit the set for the next film. "And also we've been focusing on getting this one out so much that we haven't really had time to talk about the second one. I'm sure they've had time."

"Catching Fire" picks up where the first novel/movie leaves off.

(Warning: Minor spoilers ahead!)

With the latest round of the Hunger Games over and Katniss and her pal, Peeta, standing victorious, there's rebellion under way against the Capitol. But that's not the only upheaval. There's a special edition of the Hunger Games announced that will up the stakes once again for the two friends and everyone they know. "I think one and three are my favorites [in the franchise]," she said of her favorite novels in the Suzanne Collins-penned trilogy. "But 'Catching Fire,' I'm looking forward to shooting 'cause it kind of becomes more of a war movie."

While some actors might not be ready to commit to a multiple film franchise, the Oscar nominee saw it as a chance to create the Katniss character in a fully realized way. "That was definitely something to take into consideration. But then I was like, I'm an actor so I would be doing a film, at least a movie a year anyway," she explained. "And then the opportunity to play a character that you love and something you're really passionate about, that happens rarely, if at all, in somebody's life. So now it's a blessing 'cause I got to play this character that I love this year and then whatever I didn't like, I can fix next year."

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