Jennifer Lopez Slays Her ‘Dance Again’ Performance On ‘American Idol’ (VIDEO)

Watch Jennifer Lopez kill her performance of 'Dance Again' on 'American Idol.'

I'm sorry, but there's NO WAY Jennifer Lopez is over 40. We already had our suspicions, but when she took to the "American Idol" stage last night to perform her Pitbull-assisted "Dance Again," we were all, "OMFG is this woman actually a human?" Because I sincerely do not think this is the case.

Watch Jennifer Lopez's "Dance Again" performance on "American Idol" after the jump.

Just like her "Dance Again" video, J. Lo's performance of the song on "Idol" included her IRL BF, Casper Smart. (Did we mention he's extremely attractive? Duh.) In addition to sporting the body of a 22-year-old Victoria's Secret model, J. Lo rocked a rhinestone leotard and some perfect "I just hooked up with my hot boyfriend" hair.

Surrounded by a bevy of half-naked male dancers (natch), J. Lo got down and dirty as she sang about living it up on the dance floor. But the real fun began during her solo dance breakdown with Casper Smart. It's my personal opinion that "American Idol" may have been secretly fined by the FCC, because there is no way a scene that hot should be aired on a family show! The performance concluded with some more hot J. Lo, some more hot Casper Smart and tons and tons of confetti. Because really, why shouldn't "Idol" throw J. Lo a party celebrating her hotness? BRB, going to have some celery before I hit the gym.

Watch Jennifer Lopez's performance of "Dance Again" on "American Idol."

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