Justin Bieber Becomes One With His Sleeping Bag (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber is probably never leaving his sleeping bag again.

Justin Bieber's no stranger to scoping out...interesting...situations (see: that one time he met Oprah and that other time he got a brand-new hamster), but morphing into a walking sleeping bag just might take the cake. (And no, we haven't forgotten about his money pants!) But it HAS gotten pretty chilly out recently, and it seems Biebs' method of coping with the dropping temps is to wrap himself up tight in a sleeping bag/Snuggie/Slanket-thing (Snuglet?)...except vertically. We say "vertically" because, as you might have gathered, one usually kicks in a sleeping bag, you know, when they're sleeping. Horizontally. (Unless Biebs is a vampire, which we're not entirely ruling out.) Then again, speaking as perpetually cold people, we do understand the impulse to bundle up in a sleeping bag-turned-hoodie (especially when they resemble straightjackets like Bieber's here. The more burrito-y, the better!).

Justin was clearly thrilled about his new gig as a human sleeping bag (or a onesie down coat...call it whatever you like!), which he tweeted about to all his Beliebers: "walking sleeping bag. get in." Get in? Really? Are you positive? Because we're pretty sure that sleeping bag only has room for one more and she probably goes by the name of Selena Gomez. Or at least if you don't make that clear, like NOW, you're gonna get in big trouble, JB.

Photo credit: @JustinBieber

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