Justin Bieber Couldn’t Resist Showing His Abs On ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber displays his abs on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon."

Justin Bieber shows off his washboard abs (for a change).

Justin Bieber may "not be in the happiest place," but you would never know it from his recent stop on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon." (I mean, if WE were going through an #awkward, public breakup with our on-again-off-again ex, hanging out with Jimmy Fallon would be the FIRST stop on our list of places to cheer up.) Sure, he might have stopped by Jimmy's show to promote his recent Believe Acoustic album AND his upcoming stint on "Saturday Night Live," but Justin also found some time to partake in one of his favorite activities: lifting his shirt and showing us his abs.

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Snapped hanging out on set with Jimmy Fallon, Justin chatted about what people can expect from Believe Acoustic: "I wanted to basically strip it down so it’s just me and an acoustic guitar. Some of it is me and a piano but most of it is just raw me. I think the fans really like it because its just kind of how I started. I started with just me on the internet. Not really with all the produced pop music and so it’s just that it’s just really mellowed down and I feel like it’s made for all ages."

The "Yellow Raincoat" singer also got a little jokey as he bared his KILLER abs (seriously though, every time Justin shows us his abs, Rihanna does another naked photo shoot. The pop stars are aligned), exposing another pair of his famous drop-crotch pants. (He also made out with a mannequin, but that's another story for another time.) Look, Justin, we love that you're fresh off the child train and currently pulling into Adult Central Station with all those rippling muscles, but come ON. Again? Not that we don't love your tight tummy (because, gawd, we do), but augh, if you're gonna show us your abs all the time, at least channel it into an Armani ad or something so we can peel out the magazine page and post it somewhere reputable instead of making us take all these embarrassing screen shots!

Justin Bieber gives Jimmy Fallon bunny ears.

Whoops! Justin confuses "bunny ears" with "the shocker."

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