Justin Bieber Gets Kissed By A Monkey (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber literally begs a monkey to kiss him. The monkey happily obliges.

Thousands -- if not bazillions -- of women would push their grandmothers in front of a bus (a parked bus) to kiss Justin Bieber. And not to get all evolution-versus-creation on you, but we really haven't evolved too far from our primate past, because even monkeys cannot turn down an offer to kiss Justin Bieber.

+ See Justin Bieber get kissed by a monkey after the jump.

While backstage at an event, Justin met a monkey and his trainer. After flirting playing with the monkey, the "As Long As You Love Me" singer asked the animal for a kiss on the cheek. Unsurprisingly, even the monkey had a serious case of Bieber fever and didn't hesitate to lean in and plant one on Bieber. Justin, who's still rocking the Johnny Bravo look, looked absolutely thrilled and then proclaimed "I love monkeys!" We do too, bro...we just never thought we'd be jealous of one. (Note: Earlier this week Shakira kissed a killer whale, so I kinda think she wins in the Celebrities Kissing Wild Animals competition, which should really be a sport what with the Olympics here and everything. Another note: Here is a video of a monkey singing Justin Bieber's "Baby.")

+ Watch Justin Bieber get kissed by a monkey!

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Viddy

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