Justin Bieber Got A New Tattoo… Of An Owl (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber has got some brand-new ink -- an owl!

We're totally starting to notice a new Boy Band Trend, and it comes in the form of small, furry, or sometimes feathered animals (as opposed to the Buzzworthy-named "Beautiful And Talented People Who Get To Swim With Sea Life" Club). We're still LOLing over One Direction's "pet" pigeon Kevin, we just learned about Justin Bieber's new hamster (which we still implore him to take care of!!), and now we're busy scoping out his brand-new OWL TATTOO. Yes, you read that right! JBiebs is the official owner of a large, cartoony owl on his forearm. And it totally reminds us of THIS. You think he can make it dance by wiggling his arm around??

Justin posted an Instagram of his new friend along with the caption "Befo the paps get me." Hmmmm, could that be a reference to paparazzi chasing him around L.A. all summer? We understand, bro. It's like, if we got a giant feathered-friend tattoo (or any tattoo) on our arms, we'd want to be the absolute first to post a picture of it before any of our friends did, mostly because our parents just might have an ink-inspired heart attack if we didn't fully prepare them/finess the situation. So please take good care of your owl tattoo, Justin! Don't let it eat your IRL hamster!

Photo credit: @justinbieber

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