Justin Bieber Got ANOTHER New Tattoo, And It’s A Japanese Symbol For ‘Music’ (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber adds a Japanese symbol to his ink inventory.

We hate to admit this, but the more Justin Bieber gets tatted up, the more we're attracted to him we think of him as a MAN! Carrying himself like an adult is the focus of Justin Bieber's August 2012 "Rolling Stone" cover story, and his latest tattoo only helps his cause.

And this isn't Justin's first time at the tattoo rodeo either: Justin's tattoo tally includes a real "Believe" tattooa fake one courtesy of a sharpie marker, a giant Jesus tattoo on his calf, and Hebrew letters he got with his dad. But, Justin's latest acquisition has nothing to do with his chart-topping album or his religion but rather his love of music in general. Inked in a small section of his right arm, Justin's new tattoo is a reportedly the Japanese Kanji symbol for "music." This may explain why Justin Bieber was wearing a full-on "The Karate Kid" outfit in Japan the other week. (Also, I'm personally relieved it's that and not a whimsical attempt at an electrical plug.)

While we're sure some Belieber moms might not be too thrilled with his increasing ink inventory, we say you're a man now, it's a free country, and we support an individual's right to put whatever they want anywhere they want on their body, as long as it's not this dolphin tattoo. And also, we're suuuper into musician dudes with full sleeves. Especially when they're named Adam Levine. In case that motivates you in any way.

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